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Mod Editor

An open source library for Farcaster cast creation supporting Mini-apps

Feature support

  • ✅ @ mentions
  • ✅ Channels
  • ✅ Links & Auto embeds
  • ✅ Image, url and video embeds
  • ✅ Max cast length (320 bytes)
  • ✅ Open graph previews
  • ✅ Textcuts
  • ✅ Image upload to IPFS (via mini-app)

Embed renderers

NFT Mini-app with native minting

David Furlong @df · 3mo
I just minted this straight from my feed

Hyperbrand: Opepen

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Video Mini-app

David Furlong @df · 3mo
This is an example of an embedded video

URL Mini-app

David Furlong @df · 3mo
[Automated] @df just starred the repo 0xOlias/ponder on Github

0xOlias/ponder: A framework for blockchain application backends

Image Mini-app

David Furlong @df · 3mo
a fluke